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A 90 day ad on costs only $1 and there are 31 users on site right now, click here to sell your car Lamborghini Countach - NEW LOWERED PRICE!!!!!
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Lamborghini Countach - NEW LOWERED PRICE!!!!!
This is a 2008 build, with most of the critical components only one or two years old. People love this car and are always asking to take pictures. This car is ready to drive, and actually used. Not one of those “It only needs a…” or “90% complete” type cars.

This car was designed to be reliable, driven, and inexpensive to maintain. It’s not an exact replica, but most people ask me if it’s a Ferrari anyway. It has enough power unless you want to race (I don’t), and its handling will rival anything on the road. I have taken 25 mph curves at 50 mph and 45 mph curves at 90mph and the car held solid as rock. I do not race it, so it has not been abused. Exact replicas will have pop-up headlights that often fail, and other components that are difficult to find and expensive to repair. From what I have seen, larger engines often over-heat and can change the handling which is fantastic on this car. Carbureted cars may have issues starting when not driven every day. But, if want to upgrade the engine, there are a lot of options.
Appraised and insured for $35,000.

Here are the facts:
I am the original and only owner.
Built in 2007 - 2008 by a professional with 25 years experience.
7,000 miles since complete engine re-build and construction.
Base 1988 Fiero – When Pontiac and Lotus finally got it right.
Non-stretched - Safer and more flexible to register
Strong, Rebuilt V-6 motor with only 7K miles on re-build.
Fuel injected – More reliable, better milage.
Automatic Looks like Stick Shift - Easier to drive and the manual transmission is very expensive to replace.
Engine does NOT overheat! (This is often a problem with V8’s and even many V6’s)
Color is corvette, atomic orange – nearly $5K for the paint job.
Viper remote keyless entry
Interior is part Fiero, part custom.
Pioneer CD stereo sound system with electronic antenna, and headphones wired in.
Performance catalytic converter (less than 3 years old).
A/C Updated and converted to R134a. 2008 Blows nice and cold.
New Ignition Control Module 2011
New Alternator 2011
New Radiator 2009
New Water Pump 2009
Large trunk able to fit golf clubs. A real rarity in these cars.
Both corners of the original dash have small cracks, not noticeable from the outside.
Two nicks, both smaller than a dime. One on the door edge and one on the hood edge. Both filled but not painted.
Some nicks under the front bumper, but not obvious and you will add more.
Windshield is glass and flat, so it’s easy to replace if ever needed.
Door alignment is great, look at the gaps in most other cars.
Sounds strong, but fuel injected for quick warm up, low emissions, and 22mpg fuel efficiency.
Side windows are polycarbonate. I replaced these in 2011.

This car is registered in CO as kit car, but it also still has the original Fiero VIN on the car. How you register it in your state is up to you and your DMV rules, but it should be easy with these two options. You are welcome to come see/drive the car if you want.
Shipping is at your option and expense. I have a company I can recommend, but there are many out there.
No trades.
These cars get a HUGE amount of attention and are getting very hard to find, especially ones built well and recently.

More pictures can be found here:

Price: $26,800

City: Denver Metro
State/Locale: Colorado
Country: US

This ad posted: 5/6/2012
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