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A 90 day ad on costs only $1 and there are 13 users on site right now, click here to sell your car Viper RT10 replica
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Viper RT10 replica
Viper RT-10 Replica complete fiberglass panels.

American exotic dream car at a friction of the real thing. Viper RT-10 replica fiberglass body panels with all metal mounting brackets. This is the first generation style Viper. It also has an updated hood naca duct air scoop. Regular price of this complete fiberglass kit was around $7,500.00 dollars. This kit is well made. It is strong and thick in the right places. There is no waives on the body panels. The fiberglass surface of the kit is painted with grey primer. Kit consisting of: Front clip/hood, front bumper, side rocker panels(left and right), doors(left and right), inner door skins (left and right), rear clip, trunk lid with metal hinge, roof skin, sail panel, and a rear bumper. All metal bracket from the front hood hinge to the rear bumper mount.
Chassis needed for this body kit is a C4 corvette. C4 Corvettes are range from year 1984-1996. You can find a C4 corvette at a very good price on online auctions. Corvette body panels and parts you strip resell at very good prices. This help you extend the project funds. Corvette donor car already comes with a powerful V8 engine. Modify the V8 engine and make it go fast as the kit/replica looks. NOTE: Donor car is not a part of this sale. Besides, I don't have a donor car since I haven't begun with the project.
The kit comes with all the fiberglass panels. All metal mounting bracket to mount the kit on to a C4 vette. NOTE: Wheels, lights, lens, emblems, accessories are NOT included. Once again, I have not started the project yet. All I have is the fiberglass kit and metal brackets. *** Mounting brackets not pictured. Mounting brackets come with this kit. The cars behind the kit are not a part of the deal. You are buying the fiberglass kit with metal brackets.
I only have this one kit. Asking $3500.00 dollars or best offer. I might be interested in old muscle car or hot rod for trades? Will consider interesting partial trades with cash. Price of the kit does not include shipping. Due to a few scary experience with "cashier's check" issue in the past. I prefer if you picked up and pay in cash. NO SALE OUTSIDE 48 states USA, due to many scams. Make an offer and I will consider. I have more pictures if you'd like to see.
Price: $3500.00 or partial trades?

City: Oklahoma City
State/Locale: OK
Country: US

This ad posted: 7/26/2006
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