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1 of a kind - Stops Traffic Everywhere ! None like
If you don't want attention , then don't buy this car . This will attract people to talk to you everywhere you go . I have been in the middle lane having a car slow down on my left to ask about the car while another car is on the right talking to my wife about the car. I have emailed and asked around and no one has ever been able to show me another one of these anywhere . Some stories were that it was supposed to be a concept body for Ford for a sportcar but who knows.

Anyway , from what I know it is a hand made body . Super thick fiberglass . This thing was well made. Building on an 1987 v6 Fierro ( I think they call it an SE because of the engine ) it has a chip in it from before I got it . Automatic trans. Perfect interior. No rips or tears . 46,000 original miles . carfax will verify this . No problems on this one .

couple of things . it has AC - it needs a charge , there is a small scratch on the drivers side under the door. The car is low and I scraped something . It did not break the fiberglass it just barely broken through the gel coat. That about it . I put brand new tires on about 150 miles ago . Starts up and goes .Door popper on passenger side is lazy most of the time .

I am selling it because I have had it for almost 10 years . I think I bought it here too . I have too many toys and the new 1968 Camaro just too its place in the garage so it has to stay outside now . I don't have to sell it , I want to sell it . I have storage elsewhere if I need it .

I am willing to negotiate and give someone a good deal on a very cool and unique car.

I just found a couple of good links to some info about this car , please take a look ..There is some interesting stuff here …No black ones listed.. I think they must have made one of every color and that’s it .

"What you see here is a '87 Pontiac Fiero GT with a 2000 Concept GT modification kit. Interior and Engine is still a Fiero stock original. The rims are 15" Compomotive LC rims and front tires is 245x35x15 and the rear tires are 345x45x15 "like race car tires". It's been in the Knotts Berry Farm Kit car show and won 2nd place with the help of recently exterior mods that my fiance did. The car was built in Florida by a A to Z Emporium and in the Nov. 94 issue of Kit Car magazine it states that it's suppose to be a replica of the Turbo Interceptor in the 80s movie The Wraith starring Charlie Sheen. But you are looking at one of the rarest exotic cars on the market. This fine automobile is 1 of the 12 cars ever produced, this highly collectable mid engine sports car truly belongs in the hands of a sports car enthusiast. Its a car you truly can enjoy driving but also a car that no one else will ever see. It is said that of the 12 cars produced, only 3 are left here in the United States and the remaining 9 have been shipped overseas. I know one other person who owns a White Concept 2000 GT *You can see it at* There is a small featured article in the hard cover publication called... Dream Cars, Top Style and Performance by Denis J. Harrington and in the Nov.'94 issue of KitCar Magazine there is a 2-3 page article about the Concept 2000 GT. It is said that the kit alone cost $75K. This goes to show its rarity and worth standing tall next to the best in the sports car market. It can be pictured next to the finest including Ferrari, Lamborghini, etc. The Concept 2000 GT deserves nothing less. To give you a little background, the Concept 2000 GT is built on a 1987 Pontiac Fiero Chassis. The fact is, this Concept 2000 GT is not as you can plainly see a Fiero. This is not a home made car, or anything of the sort. This car was built with the intention of mass production ! The Concept 2000 GT is in excellent condition with all fiberglass bodied mid engine car and truly drives like a fine exotic sports car should !

Price: 14.995 or best offer

City: Sayreville
State/Locale: nj
Country: US

This ad posted: 7/12/2013
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