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F@rrari F355 Photos and Video
Yellow on black F@rrari F355 replica - This is the perfect combination of beauty, styling and reliability. It has a complete replica Berlinetta interior with manual transmission and with a $3,000 exhaust that really gets attention. Replica black interior looks just like the real thing with stitching, chrome shifter knob, logos and F@rrari Crests in the head rests. The doors have an automatic door opening mechanism and shaved handles. Smooth shifting transmission with replica exhaust that will blow you away. Updated engine badge with proper F@rrari label. All correct exterior badges. Powder coated wheels with proper logo center caps. Car has 7" DVD player with great sound. I recently redid the gauges in carbon fiber, and now the speedometer and temp gauges do not work. Flip up headlights are not hooked up, A/C does not work, and car idles at 1500 rpm. A week ago, it started to idle at 1500 RPM, so I believe there is a vacuum leak somewhere. I drive with the halogen fog lights at night, if needed with no problems. Aside from those listed items, the car is 100% complete and will turn heads everywhere. This kit is unlike 99% of the kits out there. It is complete and well put together. This replica comes from an accident free V-6 Fiero with 65,000 miles and a clean carfax. The car handles great. The tires are great. The paint is in great shape. The interior is great. It is an all-around awesome car. I drive it daily. It starts up perfectly every time. It has never acted up on me. I have owned several 996 Porsches, and this car gets more attention in a week than all 3 of my Porsches got in the entire time of ownership. I recently drove it on a 9.5 hour trip with no problems or concerns. I was asked by 6 people at the gas stations if they could take their picture in front of it. That never happened in the Porsches. I had one guy chase after me down the street on 3 separate occasions when I drove by his house until I finally stopped one day to talk to him. You will truly love this car and all the fun it brings. I am starting a new business, and it makes more sense for me to sell rather than try to hold onto it at this time. To build this car will cost you AT LEAST $25,000....$30,000 is more realistic. I know this because I was going to build my own and outsource the work I couldn't do personally. You are getting a steal, and you get to drive it all summer and enjoy the attention it brings. Call with any questions. 419-604-7540

Passing on Highway:
Interior and Engine Rev:
Front End:

Price: $15,000

Price: $15,000

City: Van Wert
State/Locale: Ohio
Country: US

This ad posted: 4/7/2012
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