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A 90 day ad on costs only $1 and there are 141 users on site right now, click here to sell your car 1927 Lincoln Mark II Kit Car (on a 1969 VW)
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1927 Lincoln Mark II Kit Car (on a 1969 VW)
This little í27 Lincoln Mark II replica sitting on a 1969 VW beetle chassis and titled as a 1969 VW is in excellent shape. Itís by no means your average kit car that is only used once in a great while for a Sunday drive! It can be your daily driver and is very comfortable and practical getting 30 mpg in town and 35 mpg on the highway.

There are oversized disc brakes on the front and drum brakes on the rear that stop on a dime. And Yes, it has heatósomething that most kit cars donít have. This car is tight and the door seals (something else you donít see on most kit cars) keep all the wind and air out as well as the heat in. You can even drive in a torrential rain storm with the curtains zipped. There are no water leaks at allóyouíll stay warm and dry.

As a convertible, it looks really nice with the landau type fiberglass filler behind the two seats. The motor has only about 25K miles on it and is in excellent condition with a high volume racing oil pump that pegs the needle and even when fully hot idles at about 25 psi.

All four cylinders have 145 psi of compression on them and it never uses a drop of oil. The exhaust is a light gray color, not black, so itís not wasting any fuel. It has always been serviced every 3,000 miles as it should be.

It has a brand new carburetor and a brand new fuel pump. The charging system is perfect and the battery as well. Tires are newer. Overall the car is very peppy and dependable. All lights work inside and out as well as interior lights that come on when the door is opened. All gauges work except the tach that is not yet hooked up. It has Speedo with odometer, Tach, Amps, Fuel, Oil pressure and oil temperature. The car has never run hot even in routine 100 degree plus weather.

The 320 watt stereo has an MP3, USB, AM/FM, SD player and front and rear speakers that all work great. It has an absolutely beautiful interior with very nice door panels as you can see and is also fully carpeted. Seats look new.

You might think from looking that if you are a tall person you can forget this caróbut thatís simply not the case. Even though you might have to duck a little to get in, once inside, there is plenty of leg room and itís very comfortable.

The carpeted floor mats are nearly new, the paint looks good and it has a perfect OOHGA horn!

The front end is very tight with good alignment and never pulls to one side or the other. The transmission is also very good and has no noises.

Overall, this car is in very good condition, can be a daily driver, is fun to drive and gets good gas mileage. You wonít be disappointed in this one!

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Price: $7,850

City: Portland
State/Locale: Oregon
Country: US

This ad posted: 3/28/2012 1:54:16 PM
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