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1933 Ford Victoria
Email me for more pictures, I only uploaded one as the first one is free.

This is a fiberglass project car made by Streetbeasts out of Florida. It is unfinished and the current state is as shown in the photo. I need the room in my garage. It has never been stored outside.

The motor is a 400 HP 350 chevy which was custom built by an engine builder out of Edmond Oklahoma. The transmission is a new TCI Streetfighter Turbo 350 that was purchased from Summit Racing.

I purchased the kit as the deluxe model which includes:
1) Interior: Headliner, Carpet, Seat Coverings, The color chosen was grey.
2) Guages: Analog type guage set.
3) Wiring: Came with complete wireharness kit.
4) Glass: All the necessary pieces of glass are included.
5) Trim/Chrome: Chrome bumpers, Rubber for running boards, window cranks
steering wheel, etc....

When ordering I also added the following options:
1) Suspension Kit: Ford 8.8 Mustang II Suspension, with 373 gears.
2) 11" Disc brakes all around.

I personally added the following:
1) The 400 HP 350 Chevy Motor
2) The TCI Streetfighter Turbo 350 Transmission.
3) Powder coated the entire frame and all frame parts to a metallic silver color.
4) Had the engine, transmission, and suspension painted to a metallic blue color.
5) Have several other parts such as Chrome alternator, starter, spark plugs,
wire set, and more. Most parts were ordered from Speedway Motors or
Summit Racing.

What you would need to finish the project:
1) A radiator.
2) Seat frames, preferrably from a mid 80's mustang, bucket seats.
3) Nice wheels and tires, I was waiting until the project was done for this part.
4) Pulley set for the engine.
5) Steering column, could be from mustang.
6) Drive Shaft.

Where I left off on the project:
1) I was in the process of running the brake lines and it is not finished.
2) Next is to run the fuel line.
3) After the lines are ran the body is ready to mount permanently to the frame.

I have more than twice the asking price in the project already. I do not see my self working on this in the near future and would really like for someone to take it and complete it. I don't have the extra space to even attempt to work on it where I currently live.
Price: $12,000

City: Talala
State/Locale: OK
Country: US

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