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A 90 day ad on costs only $1 and there are 23 users on site right now, click here to sell your car 03 F@rrari Enzo Replica 1/1 In the USA! 90% Done!
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03 F@rrari Enzo Replica 1/1 In the USA! 90% Done!
Finally after 3 years of a very hard build I have decided to sell my project. This is a 90% complete custom Fer#ari Enzo Replica, its a car you will not see another of. The car started its life as a 1992 Toyota MR2 NA which was professionally stretched and reinforced to a 104 wheelbase. Then the body was constructed from a CNC foam mold, to a fiberglass mold, to this one of a kind body. After the body was installed onto the kit by the maker in Canada I dropped it off at a body shop here were they spent over 1000hrs of body work making the body as perfect as they could. It will then painted with a well-known Italian paint color, and finished off with carbon fiber trim and black highlights. The now sits where you see it, it is about 90% complete and with a couple weeks of work you will have an amazing car.

The basics:
-1992 Toyota MR2 Chassis with 140k
-NA Motor with 5-speed Manual Transmission
-Stretched to 104 to fit the body
-Custom one of a kind body kit
-All Ferrari Badges
-Lotus Elise front Plexiglass Windscreen
-Custom rear engine bonnet plexiglass
-Custom V8 engine cover (pictured below)
-Custom Grills installed
-Prewired lights
-Hinged Doors, front bonnet, and rear cover
-19 Ruff Wheels with brand new tires (5 Rear Lip, 2 front)
-Clean title
-Registered and Insured as an MR2 with 60k in Modifications

What it needs:
-Doors need to have shocks installed to keep them up
-Motor needs Fuel Tank and Fuel pump to run (factory tank is too big for the car)
-Complete Interior, I will include a custom Dash (but it will still need carpet, door panels, roof upholstery, side windows, etc)
-Front headlights, and 4 Rear tail lights (pre wired already)
-Side Mirrors
-1 Spacer for both rear wheels (you dont need this, but it will look better with them out more)
-And a few small details here and there (hey its a kit car, its not perfect!)

That is what I can tell you about the car, I have spent over $50,000 in this car and am losing thousands by selling it, but simply put I do not have the time or patience to finish the car. I work a full time job, and am going for another degree now so when I am not at work I am in class.

This is a replica kit car, NOT a $1,000,000 car. It is NOT perfect, it is good for what it is, but please know what you are getting yourself into by purchasing this car. If you have never owned a kit car, come see the car!

Youtube Link:

For the link to my 100 Page Build Thread, please email me.

I am looking for $25,000 or best offer. I am selling this AS/IS with no warranty or return at all, you are buying what you see!

Feel free to contact me anytime with any questions

Phillip K.
Cell, Call or Text: (773) 368-0555
Office (ask for Phillip): 708 532 9500
Price: $25000

City: Orland Park
State/Locale: Illinois
Country: US

This ad posted: 3/2/2012
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