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Italian Exotic Sports Car Replica F355
This car gets attention everywhere. I have people video taping me all the time driving, or getting gas. They yell at me, honk at me, give me the thumbs up, etc, etc. This seriously attracts attention, so if you don't like that this really is not the car for you. The Berlinetta (hard top) car is somewhat rare actaully. You will seldom see one for sale. You will however see leaky, wind noisy, hard to air condition Spyder convertibles for sale all the time. I have only seen one Berlinetta that I can recall for sale in the last 3 months or more, but it was in Europe.

Gets pretty good gas mileage, and I pay 7$ a month for insurance. I can prove everything I say. The car would appraise for roughly around 25 thousand. I know because I am an appraiser, however I cannot give you an appraisal on my own property. If you would like one. I can arrange for any of our local appraisers to write one up. This would of course be at an additional cost. This sometimes helps with loans, insurance, etc, etc.

This car has a verifiable clean car fax showing only 60,000 miles, It is currently registered in the state of Kansas, but has been registered in Florida, North Carolina and Texas. I am the 4th owner of this car. It has the total package inside and out. That means fiberglass body{like a corvette} Italian F355 Berlinetta Replica interior kit that has been upholsterd, VDO gauges, HRE Staggered deep dish 18" wheels. Adjustable coilover suspension. Even the engine is labeled! It takes a lot of money and time to build one of these cars, but come at a fraction of the cost. It needs an ac compressor, and a few of the gauges don't work because were not hooked up correctly from the time I purchased it myself. I bought a factory cluster that comes with it that should be the fix for the speedo, or just use GPS(I can explain more in detail should that be a concern) The headlights, and motors come with the car but are not installed(THIS is why the headlight doors look slightly lower than the hood, they need the support of the light to have them be perfectly flush). I use the lights in the bumper at night, they are extremely bright and have never been pulled over for running them as my primary lighting. Paint looks pretty good, but not perfect has some chips here and there about like anything used, but overall this car looks really great in person. If you have a critical eye, yes you could find some imperfections lol.. It has a Nakamichi CD player and speakers( they are high end stuff, and very expensive) Just had a 4 wheel alignment done and chassis checked. I also put brand new tires on the front. Electric actuated door poppers, electric actuated trunk(ENGINE) release in the rear. Tachometer works but has crack in the lens. Comes with brand new steel braided brake line kit, never installed and door hinge pin kit. Just haven't gotten to it. Brand new optima battery included. Has brand new exhaust that replicates the 4,000 dollar system for the Italian exotic(it really sounds great!). Taillights are replica of the 2k dollar set sold for the F355 Berlinetta.

I chose the replica option because an (the actual car) has astronomical maintenance fees. For instance a certified shop will charge about 5-8 thousand to install a clutch{ which don't have a very long life to boot} The timing belt also has to be replaced somewhat more frequently than regular engines. About every three years or sooner, depending on how many miles you put on it. The cost for this maintenance is thousands. In some cases they have to pull the engine from what I understand. It makes you not want to drive the thing... Which is why you find them all with low low miles for their age. The great thing, and one of the main reasons I went with this car was simply because you can get parts from your local parts store, or the internet easily and cheap.

This is a 6 cylinder, while the original vehicle which was replicated here came with V8's. Many Porsche cars come with 6 cylinders, so there is no shame in this engine with its size and weight package. The previous model year F355 that this car was replicated after was only roughly 1.4 seconds slower in 1/4 mile acceleration. This engine could be upgraded with a simple turbo charger system to make this car even more fun to drive, if a person even cares about that aspect. There are also numerous upgrades already established for this Fiero based chassis. There are engine kits, as well as suspension packages that make these car accelerate, handle, and stop VERY well. The most common engine upgrade is the 3800 supercharged engine out of a Pontiac GTP, which you can run the auto, the muncie 4 speed that is in the car now, or a muncie 5 speed which are abundant. Other options include the Cadillac Northstar engine swap, as well as small block v8 conversions, including new corvette engines. All these options produce very similar, or exceed the performance of the original car, and can be done very reasonably. A friend of mine owns a shop here, and his fiero based car runs low 10 second quarter miles with an automatic! And it is only a 3.8 v6. If you don't believe me I will gladly give you his number, he does swaps all the time. He also has videos of his 10 second passes.

If you have any questions give me a call @ three 16 seven 06 seven 229 or just email me

Price: $17,500

City: Wichita
State/Locale: Kansas
Country: US

This ad posted: 6/25/2011
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