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A 90 day ad on costs only $1 and there are 40 users on site right now, click here to sell your car Re-invention Exotic Body kit Chassis V8 Package
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Re-invention Exotic Body kit Chassis V8 Package
Exotic Supercar , Kit car , The Re-inventon Package w/Chassis & V8 Engine! Looking for a summer project? One of a Kind Rare opportunity!! - complete Re-inventon Roadster Exotic Super-car Package everything you need to get your super car project started. The Package Includes: - Custom made Tube chassis to the correct size of 105" wheel base - The complete Body Kit all parts exteriors and Interiors Fiberglass parts. - Custom made Removable Custom made Hard top - V8 3.8 supercharge Engine ready for you to install. - The package is very affordable and get you a head start on a fast track to finish this supercar
You don't have to look for the Donor car or the Engine or stretching the Donor car we already done the work for you. We finished the car in the pictures below and in the video below using our kit. Please check the YouTube video in the link below we built the car in the Video using our Body Kit: Check the photo bucket link below for over 80 pictures for this build diary of this supercar

The body kit include the below parts complete Fiberglass body kit with complete interiors fiberglass kit:
the parts are not loose panels hard to align, we done the work for you by making it one big piece!!!!! easy to install on your donor car ,if you are a Beginner or if you are an experience builder it will save you ton of time. -The 2 pieces Main body shell (cut from the door ledge for super easy alignment and for easy cheaper shipping). the 2 Main Pieces consist of the following parts which is already aligned and build for you. -Front bumper already aligned and Installed ,Front spoiler already aligned and installed, Head light housing already Built in,Front left and Right fenders already installed, Left and Right Rockers installed, Rear Left quarter and Right quarter already Installed,Rear left and Right rocker inlet scoops Installed, Rear center panel Installed and aligned and The body is one piece ready to be mounted on your donor car.

-The windshield Frame -2 Main doors - Hood -2 tail light housing -2 headlight housing (already installed) built in -Rear deck lid cover Roadster trademark (the Roadster Engine Cover) -The third brake light spoiler (it goes across over the Roadster Engine cover) -Rear Back Bumper - Rear Defuser -2 Humps ( they go behind the seat) to complete the gap behind the seats - Interiors kit Included If you need only the body kit please contact us. All parts are Gel coated. We make the fiberglass parts only, what you see in the pictures is our design ,This our unique design ,we don't not and will not make or complete a completed car, we dont build cars , this is the only one package and one kit available it Will not be repeated for this price.

Note:To Buy the body kit only! price starts at Only $7,999 contact me for details
FOR MORE INFO CALL us AT: 843-267-4493

Price: $19,500

State/Locale: South Carolina
Country: US

This ad posted: 6/1/2011 12:17:15 PM
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